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Matt S.

Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

I use this guitar in jazz band and when I need a fuller, more acoustic sound in the pit orchestra for various musicals. I also occasionally break it out for rockabilly stuff back home. I don't use this guitar as much as I thought I would, considering I also have a Caparison TAT-II that I like much better. It suits the jazz style very well and definitely looks the part, but mechanical issues make live performances tough (more on that later). The neck pickup is VERY rich and full sounding, and I can get it to virtually no twang without losing definition (something I wish my caparison could do). However, if I need it twangy, the bridge position is perfect for it and is as twangy as I need it. The guitar can also handle some distortion, and is great with a bit of tube overdrive, but it also generates a lot of feedback, as can be expected from a full hollowbody. For a guitar that retails for $600, it sounds absolutely awesome.


The binding has already started to fade into white instead of cream, so I don't know if I entirely trust the finish. I also don't expect the tuners to last longer than a couple years at best, so they'll need replacing. I would never take this guitar on stage without a backup, and I'm almost afraid to take it on stage at all it's so unreliable tuningwise.


General Comments

If I had this guitar stolen or lost it, I probably wouldn't get another. I suppose you could do worse, but you could also do a lot better (the Ibanez arctops like this one are much more reliable). It really does sound pretty good, and the playing was awesome until recently when the neck started curving, but the sheer wall of mechanical errors you're going to run into make this guitar almost not worth it. I own EVH-style superstrats I built from chinese-made clone parts for less than $30 total that are more reliable than this guitar. If you really want a Gretsch and are willing to deal with a lot of errors, go for it, but otherwise I suggest looking elsewhere.

Reviewer's Background

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