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Sound Quality

People used to say it sounds bad (distortions mainly), but you have to consider that to get THE SOUND you should have a decent guitar and amp, of course. Cheap guitars and amps will produce a cheap sound, Am I right? This machine rocks...overdrive and distortions are decent, effects are really warm, delay and reverb great, and the noise supressor really works fine. By the way, it´s an analogue sound, not emulation! If you want to create your own sound signature, that´s for you.


Built to live forever! It´s a 90´ pedal and works fine till now. It´s BOSS.

General Comments

I play brazilian music, rock, jazz, funk, blues. As you can see this baby can cover any style. I´ve been playing for 10 years and if it was stolen I could buy another one for sure, but it´s not easy to find.

Run away from emulations pedalboards, it will never be the real amp sound even with a POD.

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