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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Nothing I have ever played on has given me the pallet of tones this setup has. Endlessly singing sustain, Loads of gain, Crystal clean tones (especially through the Lexicon) and more Balls than any other rig I have seen(this seems to be the opinion of all who hear it too, so I guess it isn't me). I would put it up against ANY Mesa. The tones available cover it all. One point often overlooked though: A large amount of your tone is in your fingers. No two players will sound identical through the same rig.


Let me see, I got it used in 1996. I am just now replacing the two stock ECC83 tubes 6 years later. It never shut down or complained. What would you say about that?

General Comments

The set up is as follows:

Guitars: Ibanez Universe777BK (tuned to dropped-A)

PRS Custom 22

Fender Custom Shop Floyd Rose Strat


EFX: Lexicon MPX 500

BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer

PowerAmp:Marshall 9200 (100 watt x 2, all tube)

Cabinet: 1993 Marshall Valvestate (rewired for stereo)

This is the best rig I have ever used. I have played all style for years and this covers it all. The only thing I would recommend is the use of a BBE between the JMP-1 and your poweramp to really define the tone. But I would recommend this for any preamp as well. With a good guitar, decent effects unit and some talent you can't go wrong here.

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