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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I have so far just installed the 1st of the 3 mods (chaining 2 resistors together one from the kit and the existing one in the R1 position. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Really perks up the tone and now when cranked, all the muddiness is magically gone! I use it to boost (or by itself) for solo's mostly, rhythm on a couple of tunes, hooked up to half of a stereo 4-12 cab. IT HONKS!!


No trouble so far, been gigging a month with it. My bandmates dubbed it the tiny terror. IT IS LOUD! I have in an average club the vol set about half and have a wah and distortion in front of it.

General Comments

My band plays covers from 70's - 00's and in conjunction with the Vox AD50VT on the other side of the cab (I use Strats, Tele's (and a new AMAZING Squier 51 into the dist/wah into an A/B box and switch or blend to taste) got a helluva 'lil rig happening. To hell with paying 3k for a boutique, I bought a SUV to haul it around in instead with that bread! Would definitely but another stock and add this mod. Records on my crappy 8 track very nicely also....check it on 'Volcano' at www.myspace.com/projectxtheband . That track is the full 4-12 @ 16 ohms, Boss DS-1, Strat and a tad of delay, miked w/ a 57.

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