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Sound Quality

It's just hot enough. Here's a sound demo for ya: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7554297. Played through a Crate V18 (celestion 12" speaker, JJ el84 output tubes, No name 12AU7 in V3, JJ ECC83 in V2, and Mesa 12 AT7 in V1), clean and with Cool Cat Fuzz, Cool Cat Drive, and Bad Monkey OD. I play in a 90's - Current cover band and Original Folk Rock band (I think we sound like Athens; REM, Let's Active, etc, but I'm not the songwriter. Fun anyway) and this pickup suits 80% of these group's needs. Sometimes ya just gotta have a Strat or HB axe), Very versatile, responds well to volume/tone knob tweaks, plays well with pedals (especially fuzz, several great tones to be had with a twist of the vol/tone!).


General Comments

I would definitely order another if stolen. OUTSTANDING customer service, I bugged poor Wayne at http://www.guitarheadspickups.com/ incessantly with questions and he was most gracious and knowledgeable. I'm always on the quest for great tone on the cheap (no way can I afford boutique gear) and this slaked my single-bridge-position-P-90 quest quite well. I will be checking out other gear from this mfr. They rock!

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