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Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play in 2 working cover bands. One classic rock/blues/old school metal and a female-fronted pop/current/classic rock. This axe suits all styles well save for the metal. I don't do a helluva alot of that so I can get away with it. Great Strat tones from the 2 tex-mex's, humbucker is mediocre. 'Bucker is ok when drenched in gain (that is, when it's not shorted out) nothing to write home about clean. This is fine, I will either replace or avoid. For what I paid, the Tex-Mex's are worth it by themselves. Piezo sounds like ass, never gets used.


I beat the crud out of this thing, it's like a Timex! Have been gigging with it for 6 mos. with no issues but the crappy piezo and shorting out bucker which works fine with the jerry rig. I never gig without a backup, as I am a string buster always have been and need the trusty Tele or something handy anyway.

General Comments

I have been gigging for 20+ years, and for the money it is a great Strat sound with an ok humbucker sound for the hard stuff. It felt and sounded better than the MIM H-S-S Strats I tried. It was on clearance at GC so I paid about half the street price from the get-go, I'm satisfied. It records lovely as well. I use a VOX Valvetronix AD-50 to drive a 4-12. Sounds best with the Dumble and Marshall settings on this amp.

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