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Sound Quality

'Bucker screams through my Vox AD50VT, very SRV-ish on the neck, nice Tele vibe with the bucker split and middle position. I may drop in a 70's Duncan Strat p/u I have just for grins and see what happens. For what you get for your $ I wish they had 2 of 'em, woulda bought 4 if I could have. A tad harsh but a slight rolloff on the vol takes care of that. I play covers and use this for our dropped -D stuff with high gain amp models and it kills!


Seems like a tank. I beat the hell out of it w/ minimal tuning issues.

General Comments

59 + tax? Holy Moley! I would replace it in a heartbeat (I doubt we will find any for that price again, probably will increase in value collector-wise, I understand they have been discontinued.

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