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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I really love about 5 of the 11 models (Boutique clean has to be tweaked in comparison to Fender 2-12, AC30 and Bassman models. Brit and NuMetal are good also (I use a loud 90's Brit for rhythm preset on 1st preset, and LOUDER w. delay for preset 2 for lead). I love these tones, the speaker is not bad, I hook mine to a Hartke G-412 (Celestions!). Boss DS-1, MXR Micro Amp (lead boost on clean channel) and the secret weapon, a BBE Sonic Stomp at the end of the chain. Very much captures the spirit of these amps, plus where are you gonna get this close (very very close) to an AC-30 for under 4 bills? The Vox Bulldog speaker is nice, I am the sole guitarist in a power trio and need to move more air, hence the 4-12". Some of the effects are great (delay, rotary, phase shifter, reverb), some are so-so (flange, chorus is especially lame IMO, compressor just seems harsh, but w/ the BBE who needs it?) but it likes pedals and you just can't beat the useable stuff here for the price, the audience in the bar does not care if you have a 3500$ Soldano or a Line 6, why not be happy for less $ or spend the change on a new Strat (I did)! Nashville Tele and Dimarzio equipped Aria Pro II sound KICKIN' through this amp!


This is my second, 1st one died after about 12 hrs, but Guitar Center happily gave me another, and I have been giigin' steady for about 9 months. Get the footswitch and read the manual. You won't be sorry!

General Comments

Fender Strat, Nashville Tele, MXR, DOD, Ibanez Dano effects all ROCK through this. Been Playing originals and covers (mostly classic/current rock, some weddings) beats the crap outta Line 6! Joe Bob says check it out!

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