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Sound Quality

The sounds on this machine are clear and phatt for a rom based synth. IMO Roland romplers shine in the Analog/Pads/Strings/Basses/Synth sounds and the Fantom-s is no exception. I compared the sound quality with my JV-80 and the mighty JV-1080 and the Fantom-s is better (44.1 khz/24 bits DACs versus 32KHz/18 bits DACs for the JV-80, 32KHz/20 bits DACs for the JV-1080 ) The Drums are also fantastic with a wide selection. The Acoustic Guitar, Sitar, EPs, Voices are very good. The Acoustic Piano however is not the best but still very usable. The same can be said for Electric Guitar, but with programming I came up with a stunning Distortion Guitar (Cosm effects at work here !!) Keep in mind that no synth will have perfect samples in every categories.


So far no problem everything is rock solid.

General Comments

At the new price, the Fantom-s is a killer IMO.

This is my best rompler/workstation so far and I love it.

It has replaced my beloved old Roland JV-80.

I would certainly buy it again.

I had in the past : Poly-800II, Alpha Juno-2, D10, exM1, K4, U220, SY-55, TX-81Z, JV1080, X5DR.

My setup is currently : Fantom-s/JV80/SH-32/M1rex

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