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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

Here's my signal chain: '05 Gibson Les Paul Classic with a pair of Gibson Burstbucker Pro Humbuckers > Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner > Morley Lil' Alligator Volume Pedal > BBE Boosta Grande > Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive > Fender Hot Rod Deluxe outiftted with three JJ ECC83S preamp tubes and two JJ 6V6S power tubes. The sound quality of this pedal is awesome. I usually don't have a "crystal clean" sound coming out of my amp at all. My cleanest sounds are always on the verge of break-up (thus the JJ tubes--they make the amp sound warmer overall, and the clean channel has a very nice and bluesy break-up point around 4 or 5 on the volume knob now). When I kick in the Boosta Grande, it causes that clean sound to warm up and thicken up at the same time. Yes, it does boost the volume, but also adds this warm character to it. If I have my Sparkle Drive on and I kick in the Boosta Grande (prior to the Sparkle Drive in the chain), it sounds fantastic! The overdrive from the pedal/amp gets a little hotter with the Boosta Grande engaged (and the volume increases to my liking). Overall a very nice boost/edge/warmth pedal. Sometimes I don't like the way it warms up the sound, and sometimes I do.


No problems as of yet; I have one on my pedal board and don't feel like I need a replacement.

General Comments

I like to jam out with friends a lot, but I more often play electric for leading worship for the ministry I lead. The style of the music we create when leading the worship ranges from mellow and ambient to very energetic and edgy. I don't really ever go for a distorted rock and roll sound or anything heavier than that. I particularly like the nicely-overdriven and "tasteful" sound of an electric guitar going through a tube amp (with an overdrive pedal in there sometimes). I don't do a whole lot of lead work (as I usually have another guitarist taking care of those duties), so a simple setup is good for me. I've been playing for about 10 years, and you might call me one of those "tone freaks". If it was lost or stolen, I'd probably try to get another one. I really enjoy the way it adds to my tone, which could be described further as: "warm, overdriven, bluesy, thick, etc."... Hats off to BBE!

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