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I recently re-discovered this amp. I owned one for 7 years, an original Ax-Sys which I converted to AX2 when it became available. Gigged it weekly for years, had the pots fixed a few times (a problem aread for these amps), and overall loved it. I then went tube snob. Spent the last 3 years buying and selling tube amps...you name it, I probably owned it...Blackface Fenders, vintage Marshalls, Mesa, Bogner, Carvin, handbuilt. Been there done that. I spent more time looking for tone than ever actually enjoying playing. Oh, and add every friggin pedal on the market employed to capture the magic tone. The money, time and general waste of life spent on this, is mindblowing. I stumble across a guy selling an AX2 on Craigslist. Turns out he is right across town...and turns out he is the same guy I sold my original AX2 to years ago! He converted it to a head, which is actually cool because these combos are notoriously heavy. I now use it with 2 Tubeworks single 12 speaker cabs with removable backs for open/closed back options. I have had the amp back for 3 weeks now and I have played more guitar than I have in the last 3 years, simply just enjoying the sounds and ease of use of this amp. Is it the same TONE as a tube amp. No. Does it sound good? Yes, absolutely! I forgot how cool these amps are, and am thrilled to have it back. You do have to tweek it, just like any good amp. But you save it and forget it. Hughes and Kettners latest attempt (the Switchblade) is a weak attempt at trying to attain what the AX2 did almost a decade ago in 1996. I owned the Switchblade for a day. The AX2 destroys it. I believe this flagship amp by Line 6 will eventually be a sought after item. They really went after IT in the beginning, and the latest offerings by Line 6 don't have the same passion and emphasis on musicians needs that the AX2 offered initially so long ago. If you owned one, you know what I'm talking about. There is no shame in owning one of these amps my friends. Ugly, yes without a doubt. But man, what a machine. Get one now while they are cheap and readily available. Hang on to it. Doesn't have to be the end all be all, but for the price of a good boutique pedal, you can now buy this amp again and keep it in your arsenal. Not to mention how much FUN it is to mess with. Wow.

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