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Sound Quality

Im mostly play a Ibanez Rg470 with Evolution pickups through a Marshall Valvestate 8240 Combo. I have other guitars aswell, like a danelectro and a new 67' Es335 but i dont use the Korg with them. I use it for the small to medium sized club gigs. Used between the guitar and the amp it doesnt sound anyway near what i want. It definitely does not sound like the tube amps it somewhat claims to sound like and for the 4x12 modern and 1x8 tweed.. well. It just doesnt gel. But thats not the point here. It may not emulate the different amps very well but it still sounds pretty good and if you are looking for a multieffect's processor with a reasonable price tag, i would say go for it. (just stay away from the wah!)


Even though the first Korg Ax100G i got was broken, Dead at arrival. the one i have now is working fine and has been withouth a backup for some twenty gigs.

General Comments

I play Hard rock music, Bryan Adams type pop and top40 music.

Ive been playing for some six years.

Is this piece would be stolen i.. dont think id buy a new one. dont get me wrong now, it is not because there is something wrong with it. I simply dont use all those effects and would probably be better off without them. My favourite feature with this piece of equipment is the Delays, the reverbs and the 1x8 tweed spekare simulation!

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