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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

What's the output level like? Higher then Brittney Spears...Seriously. My past experience with humbuckers has super 58's in an '86 as-80 (wish I would have kept that) since I have only been playing single coils p-90's and fender style. Both are great but out put is proportional to volume=simple...these Pup's really pour it one...out put is so high that they tend feed back more than even a hollow body. What amps and effects are you using it with? Running then through a '93 blues deville 4x10 sounds great use via a RAT Tone - Bassy, middy, muddy, trebly, balanced? Muddy/Middy to trebely What style of music do you play? I play a very 80's based music very much like the cure, echo and the bunneymen, REM, Ride, Paul Westeburg...ect...so based on reputation I would have said no...personal experience I say yes, better than I could have ever imagined Is this a good match? This is something I would not choose base on its reputation for being a rocker, I have alwasy been drawn to vinatge stuff...but this has totally beefed up my leads and now, it's like...I see how you get that harmonic sqeals and dynamics. Aside from the brutal feed back it is pretty darn good. Bridge sounds good I really like it, can totally got from middy to trebley...however I am not sure it is the best for a neck position very muddy can't get a good jazz tone. Sounds good with both on For which positions is this pickup (un)suitable? definately the bridge



General Comments

I would use this in a bridge positon for sure...I have been playing for 25yrs (geese you think I would be better) I really like the full distorted radio head like sound i can get from these. Not bad clean...they do however feed the hell back worse than when I played a dot with fat bastards...it's bad...and they can be difficult live...I can't control them so as well... definately satsified, however it may not be the best match for the type of music I play...I am keeping them for the now anyway. I would receomend to any one looking for out put they are loud!

Reviewer's Background

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