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Sound Quality

I play a 1994 American Standard Fender Telecaster. I play mostly Brit-Pop styles which is a pretty wide range and I haven't any real complaints about the amp. The amp can be played pretty sound and still keep it's clean sound, but it picks up a lot of buzz even on the neck pickup. The overdrive channel is really muddy sounding, so I would never suggest that anyone use it-- esspecially in a live situation. I would say for anyone planning on buying this amp, also plan on buying some effect pedals too.


As far as reliability, the amp has never let me down. You get what you expect from it-- no more, no less. I've basically treated this amp like crap, and it still has never broken down, buzzed out, or plain died on me.

General Comments

This is a practice amp, so get it for that. It's small and can fit pretty much anywhere. It's also very reliable and offers a pretty good sound from the clean channel. I would suggest that one pay no more than 150 for one-- anything more would be compleatly daft.

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