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Sound Quality

My setup is gibson lespaul custom or Fender strat plus deluxe '91 , JMP-1 , rocktron intellifex online , TC.electronic G-major , mesa 20/20 , 2 mesa 1x12 rectifier cabs , monster cable at first I use intellifex only for effect.I've just got G-major for 1 months. I can compare both. Intellifex have hush , chorus , delay , ducker , reverb only .No other modulation effect. Intellifex is better than G-major in some effect .The chorus is warmer , sweeter , mutlivoice. Pitch in intellifex.You can control pich level via exp pedal so you can play like intelligent harmonizer.G-major can't be done that. about Stereo effect , Intellifex can set stereo effect , dry and wet signal seperately.G-major can't be done as well. The whole sound I think intellifex is warmer , look analog , rock sound , good dynamic range , give you thick guitar sound more than G-major.It's very transparent , not colored your sound , no really drop out when you change presets.G-major's colored your sound alot, and drop when you change routing with preset. The Disadvantage of intellifex is delay time,it's very short ,just 418 ms.If you want longer delay, you'll not have reverb or chorus depend on algothithm.But If you want to use standard algothithm , chorus , delay reverb at the same time, you will get 418ms delay only. Although delay time is short , but there is ducker effect.It work like dynamic delay in G-major. Hush .I think it's ordinary .Not good as the company claim.You'll hear noise alltime.If you want quiet sound,you'll lose high sound ,sound will be damp. Now I use intellifex more than G-major for most of preset.It give sound better than g-major ( if you don't want long delay or bizarre effect sound from g-major)


OK , never broken down in 2 years

General Comments

I play fusion jazz , rock , pop rock.If you don't want too many effects but want quality effect ,Intellifex is your choice.


If you compare with the price.I prefer intellifex than g-major.

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