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Sound Quality


Open the hood and you'll find a pretty flimsily built unit. The buttons are cheap pressure switches, which may or may not stand up to much usage. The rubber pads themselves do act effectively to waterproof the unit, which is a nice touch. The main PCB is anchored by self adhesive cable ties, which will always come loose in time (mine had), leaving the PCB anchored by the MIDI connectors, etc. This is bad. However, it shouldn't be difficult to come up with a better arrangement to overcome this. Why didn't they put the PSU inside the unit? Little extra manufacturing cost would have allowed for a hard-wired mains cable, eliminating another weak link, especially in a live stage situation, where a wall wart can easily get tripped on, etc. I7ve since mounted mine inside the unit - plenty of real estate under the hood to house the tiny PSU.

General Comments

I think it's a good unit, is capable of a lot of things that other controllers cannot achieve, 2 cc pedals (great), easily customized (to overcome its flaws).

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