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Sound Quality

My gear start at gibson lespaul custom or Fender strat plus deluxe '91 , JMP-1 , rocktron intellifex online for chorus and pitch , TC.electronic G-major , mesa 20/20 , 2 mesa 1x12 rectifier cabs , monster cable If you like hard core sound or deep heavy metal sound,you'd not use JMP-1. JMP-1 give you vintage cruchy sound ( it's Marshall sound , of course ) .It's OK if I use LP custom , long sustain and fat in LP style.But If I use other guitars such as Strat Plus'91.Sound is short , no long sustain like LP custom ( maybe depend on guitar) No drop out when you change preset. I prefer it than sansamp psa-1 Anyway I like it.


I'd send my jmp-1 to service center last month.They change 1 IC inside. The cause of that I believe because I change lines behind pre-amp ( such as effect loop for testing the new sound ) while it turn on.Afterthat Left master channel it's quiet. I never have other problem.

General Comments

I play pop rock , fusion , pop .JMP-1 it's my style sound.


If you want sound of Marshall , crunhchy , vintage , JMP-1 don't make you disappoint. But If you like heavy , hard core sound. You'd use Mesa pre amp.

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