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Sound Quality

I use this with a Jackson JSX-94 with an EMG85 in the bridge, and a Kramer Imperial (explorer style) with EMG 81b/60n. Right now it is going direct into my computer for recording purposes, it sounds too hollow through the stereo effects loop of my Fender Princeton Chorus and I'm in the process of getting rid of that and going to a Mesa 20/20 and Marshall 1936 2x12 cab. Not that there's anything wrong with the Fender, just not made to use this type of setup and I want to go to rack equipment. The only time I have noticed any noise really is when using the harmonic exciter and turning it way up, makes the highs kind of "clangy" and you can hear noise in the background. Most of the effects seem pretty good so far, though I haven't really messed with the phaser, flanger, or envelope filter yet. The distortions seem a bit lacking though, the all solid state is way to trebly, the "turbo tubes" is good, the "tube overdrive" is good as well. I did find that for all out distortion, turbo tubes which mixes tube/solid state distortion was the best/fullest sounding. Also, the stock tube sucks, plain and simple. Replaced it with a Mesa 12AX7 and it thickened the distortion up a bit, took some of the trebly sound out of some of the tube and tube/solid distortions. I did find it seems that you have to use tubes with and actual 12AX7 part number, something about the ECC83's drops the output volume a lot.


Yep, I think I could definitely depend on this unit. I would never gig without some type of backup, but then, since I don't play gigs....yet at least........I guess that's not a big deal. My unit seems.........from inspection stickers.......to be made in 1994 and it's still working fine.

General Comments

I play anything from blues to heavy metal pretty much. This unit can cover all of that. As an example, I play a lot of Metallica stuff. I took the main metal rythym patch I created and changed the EQ slightly to make a lead patch, but I also changed the Acoustic Environment Simulator to a different setting, in doing so I nearly if not actually recreated the sound from Metallica's Kill 'em All album. The original patch was much heavier sounding, so I'd have to say probably one of my favorite features is that AES thingy. It's not an amp modeling or cab emulating thing, but instead it simulates environments......for example, playing in a room with a stone ceiling, or one with wood baffles set up in the room. Very very useful I think. I did not compare to any other equipment really, I am trying to get into a basic but good rack setup as cheap as I can and a friend recommended this, he actually got it off ebay and I bought it from him. I had played through his Rocktron prophesy and Digitech 2120 and liked them both, he'd told me this unit is similar to both of them in certain ways. I have been playing for a little over 6 years. In addition to the two guitars mentioned above, I also have a BBE 264 Sonic Maximizer that this runs through. The only thing I really wish it had was better distortion, maybe 2 preamp tubes together would help with that.

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