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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

first things first I have to say that this is in fact a very giggable amp if you want saturated sounds simply mic it through the pa and your good to go please disregard anyone who says it is not giggable my band has played many venues big and small and this amp has not failed it is hard to hear onstage but thats why monitors where invented just politely ask the sound guys to turn it up on the monitors and you should have no problem with it cleans are another story definately good for studio or home practice but not live unless its at a coffe shop with no drums but thats it I can honestly say this is my main giggin amp Im in a post-punk/new wave type band and this amp just rocks i personally dont like the thin high pitched guitar tones associated with the genres we play i love creamy thick vintage tone and this amp delivers i play through a fender telecaster and a Danelectro dc 59 and another telecaster with humbuckers I dont use many effects I stick with the basics bad monkey od and vox wah i use the bad monkey for a bit more gain and eq so its always on with the amp set to 3 o'clock sweet smooth vintage tone with lots of harmonix is the product its suprisinly not very noisy even with single coils and the bad monkey on this amp just shines with single coils but is also very good with humbuckers its perfect for blues,punk,rock almost anything except for anything that requires massive cleans or metal another quick note switch the stock tubes for jj's or mullards and its sonic heaven anyone that wants to hear this amps tone go to www.myspace.com/theph1lsophies all the live songs where recorded with the valve jr and guitars listed above


I have had mine for 1 year and a half and no problems so far also just to show how reliable it is my band plays 2 weekends out of every month at least, many bars back yard parties and clubs its been hit and knocked down many times and it still works and sounds beautiful totally road worthy if your not convinced buy a back up its not like they cost a fortune

General Comments

been playing for 3 and a half years not as long as many others but I have played many amps and this is by far one of the best especially for the price


great amp would still buy it for double what i payed

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