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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Various American strats, 64 Vibroverb reissue, Guyatone Micro chorus, Maxon Compressor, Fulltone Fulldrive, Fulltone Octavia, Dunlop CryBaby, ToneBone Hot British.. Effect is very quiet on its own, noisy when run in conjunction with my ToneBone. I was very interested in this unit due to the reviews here on Harmony Central and other on-line reviews (Gear Page) I must say I was very suprised at the tone and quality of this $40 pedal. I have several TubeScreamer type pedals, including a Reissue Ibanez Ts-808, Maxon OD808, Reverand Drivetrain 2, Jaques Tubeblower. After AB'ing all these pedals side by side, I can honestly say that if you are considering a Tubescreamer type pedal, Buy the Bad Monkey. You will be saving yourself considerable money. Easily as good as any of the above mentioned pedals. I read a review which stated that the Bad Monkey was as good or better then the Fulltone Fulldrive....that I can say is not true, in my opinion. You can get awfull close to the Fulltone Fulldrive with this pedal, but the Fulltone sounds a little more Hi-Fi, also the Fulltone seems to have a little more head room volume wise. Just more overall sparkle.


Looks solid. knobs feel a little cheap, but for $40 its a steal.

General Comments

I play blues/rock. I have been playing for 20 years, love the sound of a strat and a Fender amp. I own way to much gear to list.


I can honestly state that this pedal is a very good value, and has a very good sound to it.

If you are looking at some of the pricey Tubescreamer clone pedals.

Save some money and get the Bad Monkey. You won't be sorry.

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