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Sound Quality

Sound is Awesome,. All styles, I play mostly Jazz, Funk. This thing is unlike any other Bass I've ever played. Coming either out of a Roland Db500, or a Yorkeville Bm400, with a Boss stereo chorus and a Blue Tube driver. There is virtually no Hum, practically noiseless. Unlike any sound out there,. The E is solid deep, the mids are warm and rich and the highs are crisp and distinctive. A very vesitile instrument,. Again it's good for all styles! Mostly live stuff done is what it's being played for. The sound is what kept me from selling the bass.


The Bass now after hours and Dollars spent might seem like it can last. Hardware is top notch stuff. Finish might be a problem down the road. Strap buttons are tight. The neck is what possibly concerns me the most. Again just spent some bucks on getting it right so well see a year from now if it will hold up. Would have a back up just in case.

General Comments

Playing for Five years. Have two custom Fender Jazz copy jobs that I pieced together thru various means, one with a precision neck the other a warmoth neck. Both are comparable with Sadowsky basses. A Brian Moore I4. And a P/J Gibson style Spector body copy that I'm now currently putting together. I used Seymour Duncan Lightnin Rods and DiMarzio Ultra Jazz p/u's.

Wish I would have asked if the woods are settle and is the neck straight!! If it where stolen I would go to CA myself and make sure it didn't leave the shop till I was completely satisfied.The SOUND!! I've heard a clip cd sent of various styles from the bass but, when I heard it live it just blew me away!! The neck is comparable to the width of a Pensa bass only slighty wider,. Could easily convert to a five string if need be the case. Smoother knobs, better finish, straighter neck. Is what I've would have liked for this bass to have,.

The bass is a few steps away from being a true original with all the trimmings; I guess for the price I was one of the firsts to get a SPK custom. Hopefully later down the line this could be a most sought after product in the long run.

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