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Sound Quality

She flat out rocks, she can play just about anything!! I play mostly Jazz/ Funk. No noise,. I'm using a Yorkville XM200 combo or a SWR 15 cab with a Avatar B210 cab and a Peavey Nitrobass Head,. Her Lows, mids and highs are unlike any other bass I've ever heard!! Again the need for effects are almost null and void, you can contour just about any sound through her. Again hardly any noise,.


She's light, balance, well made, an Annoited!!! Hey Adam Nitti plays these Angels!!

General Comments

It's kinda freaky but she was sent to me by a higher power. You'll never find a bass like this for under $1200.00 street value. 7 years playing and striving to find the one,. I already have to two Frankenstein Fender / Sadowsky style basses that I've had put together by a pro Tech here in NY,. And they are fabulous,. Trust me you will not be disappointed. These instruments from Warrior are Blessed!!!!

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