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Sound Quality

it sounds very good, i really like it, it adds alot of feedback when the sliders are above the zero mark. i play a jackson RR1, through a randall RG75, and a crybaby wah. i play alot of metal, megadeth, sabbath, iron maiden, arch enemy, children of bodom, judas priest ect. and it really squeels when the level slider is put up. but other then that it sounds amazing. since i used it as a boost it gave me feedback, but when i use it just to change my EQ with no boost it has no feedback. i found that if there was a little buzz in my amp it makes it more noticable. but thats normal with effects.


yes i can depend on it. i would not need a backup

General Comments

i would give it a 10. i really like it and would replace it if it was stolen.

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