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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Squier and an ESP LTD M-250 through a Zoom 505 into a Fender Priceton 112 Plus. This pedal can be used to control volume, wah, or pitch bending. The PEDAL wah is great once I figured out how to make the patch fit it. I can get a great Kenny Wayne Shepherd (who uses a Vox wah) sound, as well as a Steve Vai (Morley Bad Horsie) sound, and even a Joe Satriani (Dunlop 535Q) sound. A harmonizer can also be activated using this pedal, and I use that when playing Blue on Black by KWS Band.


This piece of garbage is made of plastic. The wheel that spins the pot when you rock the pedal fell off countless times, making me take off the back plate to fix it. Finally I had enough sense to super glue the damn wheel on the pot, but when I put the pedal all back together... something's grinding around in there. Hence, it's not very dependable.

General Comments

I play ALL kinds of music, and when this add-on pedal works, I'm really pleased with the sounds I can make. As far as it being stolen, I would not replace it becasue the quality is so poor.

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