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Sound Quality

I can get the tone shaping I've always wanted without the negative byproducts. I put mine in front of my Mesa LoneStar Special to get a mid hump for certain solos and sounds. I also boost with it a little. GREAT!! I use quite a large library of guitars when traveling. Dean Cadillac Hamer special 3 Strats ES335 2 Les Pauls Guild s60-d Washburn A-10 Gibson Explorer 2 Gibson SG Ibanez GB hollowbody Ibanez Artist This EQ just does what it does in a BIG way with all the above. I use a Marshall JCM800 head which has been set up for clean high headroom. I carry two spare heads to back it up, and it's the only amp I care to use currently.


I don't worry about any of the Humphrey modded pedals at all. TOUGH and reliable.

General Comments

I play primarily instrumental Jazz, Fusion, Jazz-Blues, etc.

I work full time on Television and movie soundtracks and commercial spots, and I play live as a sideman for various artists and live events.

Never had a better EQ than this one. Same goes for all the Humphrey Audio pedals I own.

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