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Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

My setup: Fender Standard Strat -> MXR Micro Amp -> E-H Big Muff Pi -> Boss DD-6 -> E-H Holy Grail -> Sovtek Mig 60 -> Vox AD412.

The Big Muff really does only one thing - fuzz - but it does it in a surprising range of ways, and does it really well. Great for single notes, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and octaves - muddy and undefined on anything else. Sustain for days. Adds a lot of thickness to power chords in particular - great for post-rock, stoner metal, grunge, psychedelic solos and what have you.

People who hate this pedal probably aren't using it for the right reasons.

People who find it "too noisy"...well, if you don't want noisy, why are you looking at a fuzz pedal?



General Comments

Fuzzes up something fierce. Acquired taste, specific applications. As said before, not for metal, punk or anything requiring a modern hi-gain sound.

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