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Sound Quality

Fantastic warm scooped out neck pup sounds great on the clean channel of my Peavey Delta Blues. The bridge pup is snarly, surly, bites, growls, and will penetrate through your band mix when you need it. These PRS designed P-90s have an attitude, w/a piercing clarity that you will not hear on any humbucker.  When the bridge and neck pups are played individually, you get the AC hum of most single coils; using both pups simultaneously cancels it out, while retaining a bell-like clarity if you play clean.When used in the middle position, both pups, it is quiet as a tomb. My Soapbar II carries two cream colored "soapbar" PRS-designed P-90 style single coil pickups that look sexy as hell against the Tobacco Sunburst finish and have a decidedly vintage sound (think old LP juniors, or AmeriStrats, but with more muscle). If you are not familiar with single coil P-90 pickups, you will get some minor humming in the bridge and neck positions. The trade off is this growling, aggressive tone in bridge pup that cuts through the rest of the band The neck pickup is warm, yet clear, sweet as brown sugar, retaining a round sound.  Tons of tone with these things, a meatier sound with more bottom end, than say, Strat single coils, and much higher output signal (volume and breakup); yet, they retain more high end clarity than humbuckers. This axe pierces through my band when I want to be heard. Really cool vintage sound! As mentioned, I'm using a Peavey Delta Blues 210 30 watt amp. This guitar can more than handle Rock, Blues, and Jazz, but it's not really a Death Metal machine.  This is NOT a beginner guitar, only beginner priced. It built and sounds better than any Standard MIM Strat or Tele I've played, and will downright hold it's own with the American one's. Awesome value. You will NOT find a better guitar, one that does so much, so well, for less than 600.00 bucks. Guaranteed.


No doubt the Koreans have done a great job in crafting this guitar, under PRS's watchful eyes. This guitar, while extremely light in weight, is built to gig. The gig bag is the best i have seen, but if youre gigging regularly, get a good hardshell case. Strap buttons and tuners are chrome, yet high quatity. I would definitely use it on a gig w/o backup, without  even thinking about a backup.

General Comments

I've been playing for 35 years, as an amateur: rock, pop, jazz, praise and worship. I've had Ibanez Les Pauls ( just as good as Gibsons!), Gibson ES 335s( what a great axe), American Standard Strats, and played all kinds of lesser known brands. I have never, ever had a guitar that I've enjoyed playing more than this PRS SE. Before I had bought this guitar, I wish I had seen the back, because black is not my favorite choice for a guitar, but after a year of owning it, it's grown on me and I really think it's sexy. She can be sweet, yet surly when needed, even better than I expected, I love playing this guitar, and it's a great fit with my 30 watt Peavey Delta Blues 210.  I would recommend this guitar for anyone who does not want to spend a grand or more on a guitar, yet wants the same quality as one at 1/3rd the price, with a vintage sound. Awesome tonal qualities, from sensuous to snarling, this baby can do most genres, and do it pretty well. It is a real Blues, Hard Rock, Jazz, R & B, Pop slugger. I'll bet she can even do Metal, with a Tube Screamer in front of her! Should come with a hard shell case, since the quality is so good!

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