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Sound Quality

This beast is a LOUD 30 watts, way louder than you would imagine it would be. There is an extension out jack in the back and I'm planning on adding on an Avatar 112 w/ a Celestion Hellatone 60. The DB 210  can not only nail the Blues, but it can do Classic Rock, Jazz, R & B, Pop, but may need pedals for Hi-gain Metal (Pantera?). It has a fantastically sensuously warm clean channel, not a glassy Fender clean, but it has it's own warmer character, which is not a bad thing, actually. It chimes with a bell-like clarity with my PRS w/ P90 pups and even more when I play my Strat. The overdrive is Marshall-like, richer and warmer than any Fender under 1 grand. True, the overdrive mode can get a somewhat harsh, fizzy kind of breakup when the pregain is set over, say 10, but I'm thinking of swapping the stock EH V2 preamp tube for JJs. I've heard they or a Tungsol 12AT7 are a major improvement. The stock 10" Blue Marvel speakers are not a bad fit. They're made by Eminence, and are punchy with mids and lows, yet articulate, not ice-picky, with the treble range. IMHO, the DB 210 beats out the ANY MIM Fender Deville and H.R. Deluxe- hands down- in overall sound, and those amps cost cost two times more used. Again, the clean channel with reverb set at 4-5 is warm, full,  semi-dark, and sweet as brown sugar. Classic and Hard Rock, as well as Blues is the DBs undeniable forte, but Jazz players, you have to give this amp a try. It will keep up with any Rock and Country amp under a grand, too. With a change in preamp tubes, I'm giving the sound rating a "10".


It's a Peavey...it's a "brickhouse" to quote from the Commodores. I installed a Tube Guard from ebay for $30.00 because honestly the amp design left the 7 tubes too exposed for my liking. The newer models-2005 and on- come with a Tube Screen installed. Also, I put in a Tube Tamer ( again ebay-$25.00) to keep the four EL84 power tubes from rattling at higher levels. This is a quirky thing with these older DBs 210 and DB 115s, and any of the Peavey Classic amp line. Finally, I installed a stand-by switch, for which an amp tech I know charged me $40.00. A good investment. A stand-by switch really extends tube life and it enhances the sound to have warm tubes before you try to play.

General Comments

IMHO, after 35 years of playing Fender Twins, Music Man ( Frickin awesome amps), Marshalls, this Peavey Delta Blues 210 is one of the best amps I've found for under $1000.00. Would I rather have a 100 watt Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster w/ 2X12s? Sure; but if i'm having to pay 4-6 times more than I did for this amp: not on your life! With mods, this amp has cost me about $355.00. It's all the amp I need for Classic & Hard Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, for small to medium venues. You want to play Shea Stadium? Stick an SM57 in front of it!  It does it all, except maybe Heavy Metal. But with the right pedals, it will do that, too. I don't see myself selling this amp. The combination of sound quality, variety, coupled with light weight and LOUD volume with good headroom on the clean channel, creamy reverb, useable tremolo, and very good distortion makes this DB 210 a keeper for me. Buy one. They have been discontinued. I promise you you'll be happy with her.

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