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Sound Quality

This thing is horrible. It has the weakest tone I've ever heard, there's no low end or mid at all. it's just hissy squealy trebley squawking. the pedal was a gift, im not really into speed or shred metal at all, more hard rock/classic rock and this pedal is completely useless to me. Maybe some kind of deranged metalhead could get use out of it (as a paperweight? battery tester?) but I think it just sucks and would steer anyone away from this thing


Although it seems sturdy, I wouldn't want to ever have to rely on this box for anything at all because of the horrible sound.

General Comments

Overall this is a piece of garbage, don't buy it. DOD makes a lot of good stomp boxes, but this is definitely not one of them. Check out a tube screamer or any other of a zillion distortion pedals out there.

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