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Red Oak

Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I never thought I would buy a Peavey and I never thought I would buy this design of an amp--one with this style of knobs-at-the-back. The sound of this amp is what did it for me. Its sound still is so good, and I've had the amp about two years now. I play with either humbuckers (Hamer Newport Pro, USA) or single coils (Strat, USA) and I generally use my fingers. The clean sound is excellent--no shrillness, a touch of reverb is sweet, and a very warm and woody mid-to-low end can be had with a hollowbody. I've used it in a band situation with some distortion also (blues, folk) and the distortion is very smooth and creamy. You can get a big thick sound with lots of dynamics and excellent volume production. I preferred the 2-10 over the 1-15 when I audtioned them--the 2-10 has a tighter, more defined mid range to my ear. As others have mentioned, the tone controls at first don't seem to do a heck of a lot, but once you get used to the amp, you will find that indeed they do! (Just a bit more subtle than on some amps).


It's been reliable so far. It's been moved several times, but I mostly use it at home. The handle sometimes resonates a bit, but that is not a deal.

General Comments

This amp has an excellent clean sound that differs from the typical Fender clean in that the high end "tinkle" is a bit lower in the spectrum and less pronounced (unless you want it more pronounced). And it has, in my view, an excellent tight mid range with a nice round bottom. The distortion is first rate, at low volumes (largely preamp distortion) and higher volumes (with some power tube distortion added). Records very well at low volumes either clean or distorted. I've been playing about 40 years and have played through numerous other amps. I thought it was pretty ugly at first, but it's grown on me--I picked it for the sound, not the looks. And lately, I've seen these for far less than I paid for them--what a bargain!

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