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Sound Quality

Previously I used the 2101 as a preamp and fx proc. and really disliked the tube sounds. They sound really digital and lifeless. But I've bought a Mesa Boogie Quad preamp (8x ECC83 tubes = real tube sound) which sounds amazing!! This is what tube sounds are all about. So I now use the 2101 only as an effect machine (in the tube fx loop of Quad preamp) and it does a mighty fine job. If you set all eq (incl. the overall eq) flat and only use the dry sound, there is all most no difference with using nothing in the fxloop. So that's very good. Because I know only add the digital fx's to my sound my turning up the dry-wet mixer and my sound stays very true. One of the best things this machine has (like non other) is that you can fully program all it. If you want 8 EQ's in a row, you just built one. ANYTHING is possible. With Rocktron stuff you loose parameter controll when using more effects together (like chorus and reverb), not with this machine!. I still think this is one of the best machine's digitech ever made. Down sides: The silence when switching presets. You can run arround them by using all midi posibilities, but it would've been nice if this was solved. And if you use it as an preamp, the tube section is quite weak, compared to tube real (pre)amps. But if you use it together with a good tube preamp, I think you have one of the best fx machines around.


They can be a pain in the ass. I've been using Digitech stuff for about 8 years now and if they work good, then they're the best. But they tend to fuck up once in while. And that's not funny at all.

General Comments

I gave it an 8, because of the full controll over the parameters, the true sound when using it as just an fx machine, good sounding fx's. Down sides are the tube section and it tends to get {censored}ed up once in while. But still one of the best sounding fx machines. Just don't use it as a preamp. They should have sold it as a fx machine, not a combination with a preamp.




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