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Sound Quality

Plays and sounds exactly like an American Standard Stratocaster.


This Strat has never let me down.  Although I was skeptical when I purchased it, I have grown to have much respect for this guitar.  I can tell you that it blows my 1979 Fender Stratocaster away in sound, performance and comfort.

General Comments

This was a “sleeper” guitar and not much information was released about it.  Even Sam Ash can’t tell you construction details since it has been discontinued only that it was a special run made for their stores.


The most impressive aspect other than U.S. hardware is the neck.  Extremely smooth to play and the fiery curly maple is unlike any I have seen.


The least impressive aspect are the stamped covered chrome machine heads.  Spend the $30.00 and purchase a Fender replacement set and they will drop right in.

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