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Sound Quality

I play early to mid 80's Warlocks and they were practically MADE for this amp. I don't see how some people say it could use more gain, I guess they just expect that thin fuzzy sizzle on the high end like a 5150 or a Recto, but this thing is the grand daddy of high gain heads. People keep trying to compare these heads to others...JCM800, Recto, blah blah blah.......they need to realize that a high gain Peavey sounds exactly like what it is....a high gain Peavey. Combined in a live setting with the other guitarist in my band with his Ultra Plus people have commented on the sound as, "A wall of violence".


Heh......It is old, it is used, and it will out live me. Just keep It clean, don't spill beer in it, and maintain the tubes and you'll be fine.

General Comments

I have been playing for about 15 years and have owned MANY heads and combos. Mashall lead100, Valvestate, Laney GH50L, Peavey Ultra Plus, Line6 Hd147, Univox, Ampeg V4, Galien Kruger,Crate Stealth 50....the list goes on. Dollar for dollar, this is the BEST amp I have ever owned. You know how one day you walk inot the music store and randomly plug into an amp and *bling* you realize that THIS is your sound...that's what this was for me.


As far as my signal chain....Dimarzio Tone Zone humbucker, Boss Tu2 tuner, head. That's it.

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