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Sound Quality

I play a crappy trumpet through this thing and it sounds incredible. Although I am a much better guitarist than a trumpeter, I always get gigs because of the trumpetronics. being able to control sustain, dynamics, etc. and achieve machine-gun staccato effects with wind control makes this setup a ridiculously cool secret weapon. I go through an old spring reverb unit which compensates somewhat for the extremely digital sound of the DHP-55 and I usually go straight into PA or recording unit. I mostly use customized chromatic harmonies with some filtering, delay, and sometimes flange or distortion. I have tried out the delayed harmonies a bit, but I really need to sit down and figure that out to exploit the arpeggiation possibilities.


I dropped this baby on its head and bent back it widdle rack ear, which caused the face to become permanently pulled away from the unit. Still works fine... I wish I could find a manual for this thing so I could figure out the MIDI assigning capabilities

General Comments

Definitely a unique and cool sounding unit if somewhat noisy and complex as far a interface goes. I wish I could translate the harmony commands to MIDI so I could trigger samples with it. And whats up with having no reverb? I guess it's meant to be used with other effects for recording, etc.

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