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B.C. Rich NJC Mockingbird Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This was a guitar that from the get-go was dsigned to play METAL. The neck is really fast and requires very little effort. Amazingly, even with the super hot pickups, given that one has the amp and is willing to fiddle with the controls on the guitar some, it can play almost any style. It took me all of 3 minutes to dial in that classic slapback twang from Johnny Cash's Walk The Line, and not much longer to go straight back to Slayer. The combination of neck-through construction and solid bridge with the dense woods makes for truly singing sustain and a surprisingly "organic" tone. Almost never found in high production volume instruments. I think my favorite part is the sound this thing gets when palm muted...super tight and fast...thrash like it's 1987!!!! I give it an 8, only because the volumes tend to be a tiny bit abrupt and could come in more gradually.


I have gigged with this guitar twice now and love it. I do wish they had used smalled screws on the strap buttons, as I am going to have to do some custom work to get my strap lock buttons mounted. Having owned 6 different BC Rich guitars over the years, this one is now the "number 1" in my collection.

General Comments

Overall, this is the nicest guitar I have ever had the joy of owning. Also in my collection are two 1986 NJ Warlocks, a 1999 NJ Warlock, a 1987 Rave series Warlock, and a handmade spanish classical. My rig is VERY simple. GUITAR+Boss TU2 tuner+Peavy Ultra 60 head+5150 cab. No funny business, no effects, just the sound of the guitar and the amp. Try and steal this, and I WILL END YOU.

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