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Sound Quality

When I first started playing the SC-Solid Top, the sound was terrible. Not only did it sound tinny, but the sound did not resonate at all. I then changed the strings to D'Addario's EXP. I was actually surprised at how good the guitar sounded. For a few days, I told myself I would keep the guitar because it sounded pretty nice. After playing the guitar for a few more weeks, I went back to Guitar Center to play the Taylor and Martin. I immediately noticed a Huge difference in sounds. I realized that the Peal SC-Solid Top was still very tinny (even with the new strings), and the strings would buzz very noticeably in a few places. In my opinion, the Big Baby Taylor sounded a lot better and was only $100 more. I ended up returning the Peal and purchasing the Taylor. However, if you are in doubt, you should definitely try out the Peal guitar. It is actually a great guitar for its price since it also has an EQ system on it. I tried playing it for about a month and then returned it. It didn't cost me a penny. Peal paid for everything.


If you don't mind how this guitar sounds, I would say this guitar is pretty reliable and durable. The finish looks like it will last a long time, and it seems like it will withstand a lot of playing. But, I didn't have the guitar long enough to really know. I was hoping to find someone who had the guitar for a few years to ask them their opinion, but I wasn't able to find anyone.


General Comments

If you are debating whether or not to purchase the SC-Solid Top, my advice is to just do it. You really have nothing to lose.


You will either 1) Really love it, and be happy you got such a great deal, assuming you like how it sounds, OR 2) Return it for a full refund, and be 100% confident on another guitar you wanted.


Like I said above, there may be some people who like the sound of this guitar. Assuming, you like how it sounds, It's actually a nice guitar for the price.


I would give the overall rating of this guitar a 7. But I'm giving it an 8 because I really appreciated the whole process of trying out the guitar and returning for a full refund.

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