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Sound Quality

I use this with a Gibson Nighthawk and a Fender amp. There is very little noise on most effects. Most of the effects sound pretty good, especially the distortions, flange, chourus and pithchift. Th e delay leaves a bit to be desired though.


It's very dependable, I've had no trouble with it as yet, I'd prefer if the casing were steel though. I have used it at gigs before now without backup and would do so again.

General Comments

I play in an alternative/electronica outfit and this is probably not the best unit for this style it's probably more suited to heavier grunge and metal groups but I like the flange and the distortions so I put up with it mismatchings. I would probably buy it again. I've also used digitech Rp-7's and I would choose this over that simply because of the speed that the patches can be changed at. I also lovethe heqadphone input, I can practice anywhere in silence.

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