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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Humbuckers or single coil doesn't matter.. This baby can provide your needs, day in or day out. Sounds great even to my Laney Amp... Gives you boost, crunch, sweet bluesy sound anything under the sun. For me it provides a much more warmer overdrive sound rather than any overdrive product in the market.


With Badmonkey on your rack... You can relax and play the blues all night long. It can also add some boost to your distortion and heavymetal pedal....

General Comments

12 years been playing blues, rock, heavy metal... this badmonkey can do such wonders to your playing style... I just recently used this pedal, and i began to love it, because it is so versatile pedal and paid only 40$, dont have to buy those 100$plus green tube overdrive pedal... My guitars are jackson dinky and ibanez rg with my laney amp. If this was stolen i would have buy again this product..

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