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Sound Quality

do you love 'free' 'led zep' ac/dc 'early purple' early u.k hard rock' 70's u.s metal ? then you need this amp ! with a strat or s.g or any good guitar this amp is scary, i've used mine every night since i've owned it pubs,clubs, biker blow-outs,outdoors,indoors it sounds right everytime, just so much better then any 'marshall' now built, h.w or stock. the big-guys build amps, for 'rock stars' but sadly not for you & me, bob reinhardt builds amps for you & me.


see above, built to rock, a shineing example of u.s.a manufactureing, and know how.

General Comments

i've been playing rock'n'blues 30yrs, if this got stolen i would be screwed ! do yourself a favour this xmas, and buy youself one of these, you'll never stop grinning, it will attract woman !

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