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Sound Quality

i play rock-blues-punk-r'n'b-soul-jazz. i bought this amp for blues-rock,to nail one style-only, i have other amps for different styles.used with a p.r.s mccarty (soap-bar), an e-h "holy-grail" plus 2 ten-foot belden cables, this baby rocks ! think 'hi-watt meets 'bluesbreaker'. the amp nails the fat sound vs small gig problem, its loud, but can be used at the "dog & duck" :note the "green-back" option is better for single-coils-p-90s. the vint 30 for humbuckers.


very well built, inside where it counts, i've owned it six-months, used and abused it, no problems, so far so good.

General Comments

i've been playing semi-pro for 20 plus years, owned the "legendary" gear from the big names who sadly , are all now run by accountants (like the radio stations)and have lost the plot. the future for great "tone" is the small guy, nuff said.

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