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Sound Quality

I think the more appropriate question about the MP-2 should be "What CAN'T you do with amazing little box"?!?! Considering the year of its birth, this unit is light years ahead of so-called "tube amp modeling". I've found that if you're going to use digital gear, select products that use all of thier processing power to do ONE thing, and do it well. Until digital guitar stuff reaches a MUCH higher bit-rate that 24, these devices will never come even close to tube and analog devices. Disclaimer: I am in the process of choosing a new guitar that will be my next full-time ax. Until then, I'm using a cheap-o Epiphone LP Junior that I generally use only for electric slide work. Even though this guitar is a far cry from being the best, the pickup still manages to convey the tone in a honest and transpearant fashion. Some people claim that the ADA preamps are too noisy, but I've yet to come across a noise that was out of control. Plus, the MP-2 DOES have a noise gate; so USE it! If you REALLY want to eliminate noise altogether then I suggest you buy active pickups( I use EMG's and I love them! ), a Rocktron HUSH, and put it before the MP-2 and coming right out of your guitar. Then you can set the MP-2 noise gate a lot lower and get your sustain back. The cleans don't seem as robust to me as thier distortion counterparts, but they do NOT suck too badly either. The distortions this Unit can get are absolutely incredible for a preamp with only two tubes. It's got really good in-between sounds, but hi-gain is where this baby roars to life. I've been able to get fat and focused Boogie tone, mighty Marshall midrange, and depending uopn EQ settings, I can almost nail that Matchless "blizzard of nails" distortion as well. Tonally I have no complaints about the MP-2


If you buy one used from Ebay, make sure you ask the seller a LOT of questions about it. I've read horror stories about people who bought one and it didn't work right at all upon firing it up for the first time, so be cautious. Mine arrived in good shape so I have no complaints( so far...). Also, you should experiment with diffrent tubes so that you can get the sound your after. And ABSOLUTELY you must replace the tubes when you first get it! You'd be suprised at how many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a used amp, and then they complain about the tone because they didn't think ahead and realize the tubes were what caused the weak tone.

General Comments

The only thing I wish the MP-2 had is a data wheel or two to help simplify and speed up editing. Rocktron really has it down when it comes to faceplates and ease of editing.

Other than that, I'm as happy as a clam with the MP-2.

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