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Sound Quality

i use it with a gibson sg, a ernie ball axis super-sport & a gibson lespaul jnr, sounds fat & bluesy with all 3 guitars, the amp is very dynamic, very easy to get nice 'feed back' sustaining-tones ! its really a marshall-bluesbreaker 18w in drag ! but better build and consistancy of tone, i use a 'holy grail' with it, nothing else, and have used it with a band ! all good.


no issues here, i'm sure 'mojo' would come to the party if there was. the best music shop in n.z.

General Comments

the amp took 3-months to build, and i've heard theres a waiting-list.ilove the way it sounds and looks, its small and powerfull. even now there is nothing like it. and its new zealand made.

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