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Sound Quality

forget the clean channal, the two drive channals are the 'dogs bollix'! i wish the new marshalls sounded like this, its a very old school sound. but sometimes it reminds me of an early soldano-tone, very 80's early j.m.p marshall. it awsome for simple rock'n blues or hard rock, if you can't get a tone out of this amp, you sould be play'n a line six ! .


replaced the two outer el-34s with j.j's way good ! i dont care if it blows up, it cost so little. but so far its great.

General Comments

what a bloody great amp. i own lots of amps that have cost me a lot of money. but at the end of the day this is all you need, ive been playing 20yrs plus, i use this amp with a vintage soundcity quad (greenback loaded) and gibson and hamer guitars (u.s.a) all good.

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