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Sound Quality

There is a high frequency background hiss that I wish there was a fix to. It varys with the patches you are using (especially compression and distortion gain) I am playing a mexican strat through a boss tuner then a EB volume pedal then into the unit. From there I go int my little 12" marshall combo. I use some funky plastic volume pedal as a CC driver and I have no problems. I like being able to vary the frequency of the tremelo effect, kind of like how they do a leslie speaker. I find the clean effects smooth and satisfying. I am still working on the distortion effects. I use my volume pedal pre-unit because I like the "violin" type sound and I'm to clumsy to use the volume knobs on my strat.


I have used this unit twice a weekat gigs for two years with no problem...then one day (two weeks ago) it crashed. it did the 555 thing. yes, I lost all my presets. next time I will write them down. But compared to all the other things in my life (car, vcr, cell phone, cd player, washing machine, etc.), this unit is a rock.

General Comments

as abeginner unit I would highly recommend it. as time goes by and I leard the subtly secrets of the biz, well i don't know. thing is really a no-brainer to set-up, use and operate. and it really has the most fantastic headphone sounds when you're just playing alone!!! I will now buy a surge protector/power strip to add some protection in the future.

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