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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

I currently use an SG, Strat, and a Duesenberg Starplayer TV. I bought this amp brand new, and I have to admit, this amp stock sounds ok. I'd probably give this amp a 6 or 7 depending on how you look at it from a money's worth perspective. It sounds pretty boxy and harsh and turning up the gain was almost useless because it didn't sound that great. It worked pretty good with pedals though. Anyway, so I got this amp modded at my local guitar store in Austin and got this ac15 mod done to it. They did the usual mods like changing the transformer and all and some other stuff which I cannot read b/c the person who wrote the receipt's handwriting sucks. They also put in a metal input jack and I requested them to add some low end and wow...this amp now sounds amazing. This thing is a chiming machine! It now has a great balance of highs, lows, and mids. I still have the stock tubes in there too. I was simply amazed at what a few mods can do to this little amp. It turned into a little beast! I put it up there with any boutique amp and it is up there with my Vox ac15 TBX. And when I connected it to my ac15 cabinet, which has a Celestion Blue in it, it sounded like HEAVEN, literally! (I currently have the stock speaker in it btw b/c I can't afford to buy another Blue just yet...but I will eventually but I'm gonna have to take off the bell in the back since it won't fit with it).


So far it hasn't crapped out on me...Only had this thing for a couple of weeks so I can't say.

General Comments

After playing this thing for a few weeks it is actually starting to become my favorite amp. This thing is so lightweight and sounds just as good as any big amp out there. If you're willing to spend the money for the mods (and the mods are really cheap btw, I spent 50 for labor and parts but I hear it's like 35 if you do it yourself) then this thing definitely deserves a 10 b/c of the sounds you can achieve with this thing.

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