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Shure ULXS Wireless Headset System with WH30 Mic

Sound Quality



General Comments

This is an electret(do I spell it right?) condenser headworn wireless mic with a cardioid pickup pattern used by vocalists who also play an instrument on stage.


I have been gigging with it for a year. I chose it because it was the only one that fitted my purpose, that is to set me free on stage while performing, which is why I chose it with a wireless system.the mic's SPL is very nice, it's isolation from other sound sources is almost perfect, as long as there's a stage with a decent size. Using it on studios is also great, almost no feedback, except if you go on purpose close to the monitors!


Combined with a wireless system is the best live gigging experience!If you play the guitar, bass or anything and need to run across the stage, this mic is for you, dudes!



Reviewer's Background

Making music for 10 years, and seriously live gigging for the last 2 years, as a guitarist and a vocalist.I also do demo recordings for my band using my LINUX box and the ARDOUR DAW(A Great free tool, IMO).

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