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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez 7620 to pedal board-mp2-allesis 320 eq-sonic maximizer 482 back to mp2 to my power amp to my mesa bogie 4x12 recto cab. the gate is incredible no noise. the only effect i use is the chourus the rest are preety weak in sound. I went for my sound huge,dynamic,heavy,crisp and tight . the mp2 makes the tripple rectifier look a peavy bandit


So far it has crapped out twice on me and has been re-wired a bunch of times .

General Comments

I play death metal and this is a great match ive been playing

for 15 years and I always check out new heads but when I do

I always compare them to the mp2 and so far nothing has come

close .To bad ada wasnt still in buisness and comming out with

the MP-200 million

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