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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I am an active musician, although I only perform in a duo with my wife currently. I play mostly folk, folk rock, country rock and classic rock, so I spend most of my time in the Fender and Vox models. I bought this to bring some "electric" sound to our performances. For example, The Beach Boys "In My Room" sounds way better on a solid body electric through a "Fender Twin" with tremelo, than it does through a Guild F-50 with a Fishman!! I play an old Peavey T-60 solid body, which is a very versatile guitar; more so than I can explain here. If you're unfamiliar, look it up! I think the sound is fantastic! There is some noise in some settings, but there is also a noise supression feature! The Fender models, which I have owned over the years, are just wonderful! It is full and has plenty of power. The controls are extremely versatile. It has Master, Volume, Gain AND a little knob on the back that regulates the output wattage! That little knob allows you to can get all the "grit" and overdrive sound without peeling the paint off the walls! That said, you do lose some "bottom end", but the overall tone is there. Essentially, there are four ways to regulate the output (volume)!! It also has treble, mid and bass controls. I defy you to think of a sound this can't make! The "high powered" modern distortion models are just awesome! I don't play that kind of music in my act, but boy-oh-boy I love wailing the "Nu-Metal" setting at home!!! According to H-C's instructions I'm supposed to say something "bad" about it because "nothing's perfect", and that's true. The effects may not be to everyones taste. Among the effects are: tremelo, delay, compression, phaser, phlanger, chorus, auto-wah(!), reverb, rotary speaker. The "weird" thing is that many of them are preset in pairs! This can be a problem if you were to want either, a combination that's not there, or wanted an effect "by itself" that is part of a pair. The only effects I care about are reverb, tremelo, delay and maybe some chorus and they are all very adequate. I'm sure top quality out-board devices would blow these effects away, but I was looking for a "one-piece package". Effects were something I was willing to give some ground on, as long as the ones I use a lot are okay.


I've only owned it about 3 months, but I have had it to several gigs and it seems very "road-worthy" so far. That said, I haven't dropped it or knocked it over yet either! My "10" rating is a "so far" rating

General Comments

I spent about two hours going back and forth between a Roland Cube 60, a Fender Blues Junior, a Fender FM 212R, a Marshall MG50DFX, and a Line 6 Spider II 112(first one cut!) I thought the Vox was way more versatile and sounded the best, for what I want. I'm an old "tube guy", so the Vox stole my heart compared to the all solid state guys. The Blues Junior is a great little tube amp, but it "is what it is"; no versatility at all.

The thing I'd like you to come away with is "curiousity". I don't think many Americans consider, or even know much about, Vox! I know I didn't. I stumbled across them while perusing a Musician's Friend catalog. All I knew before that was that The Beatles used them a million years ago! If you are shopping for a smallish, modestly priced ($350 =/-) combo amp with tons of features and more versatility than the average player will ever master, please go to your dealer and give the Vox AD50VT a test drive! I think you will be mightily impressed!

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