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Sound Quality

It's wicked loud, and sounds amazing. But, you have to go easy with the bass. This thing has a low-end like no other guitar amp I've seen. Once you're past 12 o'clock, the lows just bury everything. But, at the right level, it gives a thicker, richer tone than any other solid-state I've heard.


I bought this amp used. When I bought it, the reverb didn't work. It made little difference to me since I never use reverb. Other than that, I have absolutely no clompaints. Because I can't say if this was a design flaw or due to the neglecence of the previous owner, I'm not docking it on its relibility.


General Comments

Unlike most solid-state amplifiers which sound rather thin and cold, the Sunn Alpha 212r sounds much warmer and richer.

It only has a single channel. It has no line out for a cab or a PA. This is something one should consider before purchasing one. But, for what this amp is designed to do, it does it wonderfully.

Reviewer's Background

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