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Sound Quality

Ibanez RG570G, various distortion pedals, and various amps. The FX 17 wah sounds nasal thin. As a volume pedal it was great. Noise was an issue as well when in wah mode however I haven't found a quiet wah pedal yet. It was ok but nothing special. It didn't send shivers down my spine like some other wahs out there.


This pedal quit working about 5 months after I bought it. I fixed it, but it kept breaking so eventually I gave up on it. I will think long and hard about buying DOD sweep type pedals from now on.

General Comments

At the time of purchase I was a metal head but also enjoyed playing classic rock. I didn't really feel that this pedal suited either category. My playing style is vastly different now, but this pedal still would not meet my tone requirements. It mostly got in the way of tone. Not the worst pedal I have heard, but certainly not in the top 25.

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